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Walking Trails in Cape Verde Islands

he walking and hiking trails in Cape Verde Islands are a valuable heritage, whose potential is used for the development of adventure tourism.

Walking & Hiking Trails in Cape Verde

The archipelago is famous for its tropical climate, its crystalline beaches of fine white sand and also for its music and cultural traditions but the best way to discover the islands is without a doubt in outdoor activities, close to nature. Between scenery, history and ancient paths, the Cape Verde Islands have some of the best walking and hiking trails in the world recognized by several specialists in nature tourism, walking and hiking routes.

The importance of walking trails

The Walking Trails in Cape Verde Islands was built over time, due to the need to make the movement of people and goods when there were no roads. It is still widely used today because of the lack of a road network covering the entire territory of the islands. It is a valuable heritage, whose potential is used mainly for the development of adventure tourism for the possibilities they provide to tourists in terms of direct contacts with nature and the daily experiences of communities.

walking trails - paul valley

In Harmony with Nature

The walking trails depart from landscapes unique of enormous grandeur and beauty, especially in the mountainous islands (Santo Antao, Fogo and Sao Nicolau) where the walking trails ensure safe access to the innermost recesses of valleys and mountainous reliefs, where man and nature coexist in a harmonious perfect symbiosis.

walking trails - lombo branco

Walking Holidays in Cape Verde Islands

The Walking Trails in Cape Verde revealed a different way of life, one that has remained largely unchanged for centuries. Walking Holidays in Cape Verde have become more popular in recent years; therefore, the majority paths and routes are still very quiet and unexplored. You will only have to share the beautiful scenery with the travel companion or with the mountain guide. Walking in the Cape Verde Mountains provides a wondrous sense of timelessness and awakens several senses; the scent of the gastronomy in the village houses, peaks, valleys and traditional products. In this context, the walking trails in Santo Antao Island have become the ultimate exponent of adventure tourism for walking, hiking and mountain biking. 


8 Days | 7 Nights

You can dazzle yourself surrounded by mountains or lose yourself in the Tarrafal beach for two days that will make real world feel like a distant.


12 Days | 11 Nights

For its challenging trails and its natural beauty the island of Santo Antao is the destination preferred by the walkers in Cape Verde.

"Pico" - volcano on Fogo Island.jpg

14 Days | 13 Nights

If you have never seen inside a volcano crater it’s a great opportunity. Here you can do it, it’s a fantastic experience! 

flight to cape verde islands

Duration: All Year

It is easy to Getting to Cape Verde islands! Various airlines fly from Europe or any part of the World to Cape Verde islands.

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From Mindelo or anywhere else on the island

High-quality and inexpensive transfer from Airport to the city center Mindelo or anywhere you want to go.

Sao Vicente Airport
Your Location, Airport

Daily Tour

Approx. 35 mins

Diversity of choice

The choices are endless whether it's ramble in lush green valleys, coastal walks or hikes on spectacular great mountain ranges. Whether you are planning a walking holiday in Cape Verde Islands, seeking an authentic tour or family adventure in the islands, we pride ourselves in being able to provide the highest quality and most innovative bespoke tours.

The Walking Trails in the Cape Verde Islands are a true heritage of humanity! 


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