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How to Plan a Trek on Cape Verde Islands: Frequently Asked Questions.

Updated: Jun 12

Walking-CapeVerde organizes walking & hiking tours on the Cape Verde Islands, generally for couples, individuals and small groups with a maximum of ten participants. For some, it is their first time in the mountains, while others have more experience. Nevertheless, even though the participants are well-warned (or at least should be after reading our practical information and walking safely), we have witnessed some doubts being made that can cause significant discomfort during a hike on our challenging mountainous landscapes.

Mountains and deep valleys on the Cape Verde Islands

Do we require Walking Poles?

Walking poles are not a fashion statement! They are mainly needed for greater stability when ascending or descending challenging terrain - whether steep slopes or areas with loose, unstable rocks - they distribute the load evenly and they help reduce strain on your knees preventing you from getting too tired. While experienced hikers may not need poles on a simple hike, beginners can benefit significantly from using them to improve the pace and comfort of their trip.

This equipment will be a good aid when walking if it is easy to handle and chosen according to the walker's height (normally it should be 5 to 8 centimetres below the armpits).

Hiker using walking sticks in the mountains on the Cape Verde Islands

What is the importance of having specific footwear for mountain hiking?

The effort and pressure on the legs while walking in the mountains is extremely different and uncommon from what we encounter in urban areas. The key distinction between rocks and steps is that the foot doesn't align parallel to the ground, as we usually expect, but rather at an incline. Consequently, the strain on the ankle rises significantly, making it simple to sprain the leg or trigger inflammation in the achilles tendon.

It is also important to correctly determine the model and size of your hiking shoes. This will help keep your legs intact after active movement. As a general rule, the thumb should not reach the tip of the shoe by about a centimeter, thus allowing the foot to move forward slightly during descents and also compensate for slight changes in the size of the walking shoes under the influence of humidity.

walkers wearing a sun hat in the mountains in Cape Verde islands

Do we really need to use sun protection?

The sun's impact in the mountains is completely distinct from the sunlight experienced on the shore of the ocean. In this location, the ultraviolet radiation is significantly stronger, which means that one can easily get sunburned within only an hour or two. Moreover, in the mountains, solar ultraviolet radiation often does not care at all about cloudiness. You can get a good tan even in cloudy weather. Two things follow from this: you must take sun cream (with the highest protection factor, 50 or more) and secondly, sunglasses not just dark, but with UV protection particularly from May to October.

Do we need repellents while hiking?

right way to use repellents in the mountains in cape verde islands

One of the things that can cause trouble while hiking is insects in nature. They are worth use special means, that will help protect you. Traditional repellents distinguish themselves by a pungent odor that deprives insects of their sense of smell. In some cases, repellents work at a distance, but sometimes contact is required. When using, be sure to read the instructions and composition. Usually, the duration of action of repellents is from 4 hours, becomes a good indicator for duration of walks in Cape Verde islands. You should only buy medications from trusted retail outlets, using low-quality repellents is hazardous to health.

Your walk will be more comfortable and your health will be grateful for it!

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