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Terms and Conditions Agreement

Terms and Conditions Agreement

Walking In Cape Verde acts as agent on behalf of "Trilhas e Montanhas Lda", (TM) which is the organizer of the trips offered through the website. It is a fully licensed company that operates in Cape Verde, registered under tourist board number: 157/2012, Tax Identification: 265382610). The terms and conditions set forth below constitute the entire understanding and agreement between the tour participant (individually or collectively) and Trilhas & Montanhas Lda, with respect to any and all bookings, trips or transactions made with Trilhas & Montanhas Lda / Walking in Cape Verde. By booking through our website you confirm agreeing and you accept all Terms herein and direct us to perform services on your behalf.

1. Registration

The registration will be accepted only with a deposit of a minimum of 40% of total program amount. This registration must be confirmed until 30 days before departure, with the remaining payment. TM reserves the right to consider invalid any registration for which payment has not been made under the conditions mentioned.

With the registration the client assumes:

 a) to be in good health conditions to participate in the program as it is part and accepts the possibility of running all the risks inherent to their nature;

 b) the obligation to know and accept the terms and conditions of  participation as well as specific conditions contained in the program that he is going to participate;

2. Booking terms and conditions

Booking confirmation is performed by us after receipt the payment of the total amount payment of the signal.

3. Prices

The price mentioned in the quote is in Euro. This price is valid for the duration specified in the pricing, the invoice or any other document distributed to the customer. Whenever there is a price change, the customer will be informed and be able to keep or cancel your subscription.

Our payment terms:

a) Cash: payment in cash is made in the office. In this case, the customer is not subject to any payment fees.

b) Bank transfer: the costs are borne by the customer.

Bank details:



IBAN: CV64 0002 0000 26444857101 82


4. Cancellations

If a customer wishes to withdraw its activity must do so in writing or by e-mail and will have to bear the costs of dropping out according to the following scale: Cancellation up to 30 days from the start of the trip: 12% penalty of the total amount. Cancellation between 29 or less days of the beginning of the trip: 25% fine of the total amount. NOTE: International bank transfer fees will be paid by the customer. There are no exceptions to this cancellation policy, including reasons related to weather, terrorism, civil strife, personal, family or medical emergencies or any other circumstances beyond our control.

5. Cancellations by Trilhas & Montanhas Lda.

We reserve the right to cancel any tour prior to departure for any reason. In the event of cancellation, a check for a full refund will be issued to you, which constitutes full settlement. No refunds under this paragraph will be provided due to cancellations or changes due to Force Majeure.

6. Schedules

The client must meet the time set for commencement of activities as well as the intermediate times that are being defined in the same tab. Delays, and manifest lack of care for the other participants may include the inability to undertake part of the activity.

7. Changes

In order to ensure greater safety and quality in carrying out activities, Trilhas & Montanhas reserves the right to change hours, location and structure in case of inadequate weather conditions, or other unpredictable cause make impossible the realization of the program

8. Flexibility

You understand that the amenities, lodgings, type of transport, route, schedule, and itinerary may change without prior notice due to local circumstances or events, which may include mechanical breakdown, flight cancellations, illness, strikes, political disputes, weather, border crossing problems, and other unforeseeable factors.

9. Responsibilities during tour

We are not responsible for any losses due to cancelled or missed flights, changed flight itineraries, late arrivals, or early departures. At the tour start date it is your responsibility to be ready to go at the departure point at the specific tour departure day and time. In your responsibilities include respect customs and culture, assessing your abilities, respecting other trip members’ privacy, and if on a guided trip, following the suggestions and advice of the guide. The decision of the local guide or local supplier is final on all matters that may threaten the safety or interfere with the well-being of the group or individual travelers. During the tour, we have the right to remove anyone who we judge to be incapable of meeting the rigors and requirements of participating in the tour activities. During the self guided tours it is the customer's responsibility to verify and decide about the safety conditions for the realization of the itinerary each day

10. Degree of difficulty and Health Requirements

The physical demands of our tour may vary depending on the specific itinerary selected. It is the customer's responsibility to verify the degree of difficulty of the program and whether it is appropriate to their capacities. By agreeing to these Terms, you certify that you do not have any physical or mental health condition that would create a hazard for you or other participants or affect other people's enjoyment of the tour. Trilhas & Montanhas cannot be held responsible for the fact that the participant does not have the skills or physical condition to complete the activity.

11. Security

In guided activities, the monitors are trained and beyond guiding the group take responsibility for making decisions in the field whenever there are unexpected. The client should respect the decisions and directions of the guide.

12. Logistics Support

Some Tours have the luggage transfer between the client's accommodation and the next step of the walk. Trilhas & Montanhas recommends to never put in the luggage to be transported transport values such as money, credit cards, personal documents (identity card, airline tickets, etc.). Or any other document that its loss can lead to complications in the normal course of the journey. Trilhas & Montanhas is not responsible for failure by the client of this recommendation.

13. Insurance

Trilhas & Montanhas strongly recommends purchasing travel insurance that protects you and your investment in the event of a sudden emergency before or during your trip and coverage for trip cancellation or interruption, illness, injury, and damage, loss or theft of baggage, as well as emergency assistance.

14. Equipment use, care and security

It is the customer's responsibility to compensate TM for the full cost of repairing damage or replacing of the equipment available for the activities regardless of the cause of such loss or damage (including without limitation; loss or damage arising from theft or misuse).

15. Travel Documents

You are responsible for ensuring that all necessary travel documents are valid and in your possession for the entire tour. You are also solely responsible for any adverse consequences resulting from missing or defective documentation. While we may provide information or advice on visas, vaccinations, climate, clothing, etc., we are not responsible for any errors or omissions as to the information provided.


16. Complaints

If you encounter any issue during your tour, you must promptly notify the Emergency Service (for self-guided tours) or tour leader (for guided tours) and they will do their best to assist you resolve the matter.

17. Liabilities

TM act only in the capacity as an agent for the supplier providing accommodations, transportation or other services to the participant. TM cannot be held liable for any personal injury, property damage or from any causes beyond TM’s control. The foregoing shall not apply to TM’s gross negligence or intentional misconduct.

18. Successors and Assigns

These Terms shall be binding upon TM and the participant and their respective legal personal representatives and successors.

 19. Updating of Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to update and/or alter these terms and conditions at any time.

20. Final Statement

This Agreement is the final, complete and exclusive statement of the parties' agreement on the matters contained in this Agreement.

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